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Crypto News5 hours ago

Ethereum, better than Bitcoin for storing value? The study that throws a chill

The ethers, a better refuge? – With the increasingly galloping inflation of state fiat currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) is often seen...

Crypto News24 hours ago

How to detect the upside potential of a cryptocurrency? Understand everything at Market Cap

The Market Cap is an indicator well known to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and more broadly to the financial markets. Regularly used...

Crypto News24 hours ago

Crypto News: Bitcoin crash under $ 45,000, bloodbath in the crypto market

Disclaimer : This technical analysis was written a few hours before the Bitcoin flash crash on Saturday, December 4 at...

Crypto News24 hours ago

Crypto News: 1inch Network raises 175 million and seeks the ideal partner

Partners and money – 1inch is raising $ 175 million in new capital which will be used for the development...

Crypto News2 days ago

Crypto News: Cardano creator reveals why his network is superior to Ethereum

A discreet adoption? – The construction of the Cardano network (ADA) appearing to be slow in much of the cryptosphere,...

Crypto News2 days ago

IDEX good idea: imminent launch on Polygon (MATIC)

A V3 that promises – On average, you have to spend between 30 and 90 dollars to interact with the...

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Crypto News2 days ago

Avalanche (AVAX): Colony community investment fund raises 18 million

Avalanche (AVAX) of millions – Crypto and blockchain projects in the start-up phase on Avalanche, can count on the support...

Crypto News2 days ago

Crypto News: Certik raises $ 80 million to protect the DeFi ecosystem

A fundraising as a shield against the hacks – The decentralized finance (DeFi) is an ecosystem evolving. However, faced with...

Crypto News2 days ago

Croatia: cryptocurrencies in the supermarket

Bitcoin (BTC) in retail – This chain of distributors in Croatia accepts payments in nine cryptocurrencies. However, she is not...

Crypto News4 days ago

Taker Protocol, or how to liquefy your NFTs

  Initially popularized by digital artists to propagate their art, NFTs are undergoing radical change . These tokens with unique...